Santa or You?

Happy New Year fam! Hope the year is treating you great already… Are you having a great holiday season and enjoying having your kids home? 😊 Or are you already back to the grind? If you are back to work, ndo (sorry). We’re still in holiday mode over here although my kiddos sort of started school today (hence my ability to finally finish this blog).

Thing is, I started writing this a couple days before Christmas but never had enough time to actually pen down or rather type my thoughts… Having my kids home throughout the holiday season was a great blessing! They definitely got the better end of the deal as it was FUN all the way for them. Ask for me, feelings fluctuated from love to irritation a number of times. Haha! Wouldn’t trade the memories for anything though.

Christmas holidays is truly the key period we get to bond with and igborize our umuaka (children) while creating lasting memories. For a lot of North Americans, Santa Claus plays a huge role in kids Christmas experiences. From visiting him to ‘request a gift’ to leaving out milk and cookies for his ‘break in’ respite. Sorry, I couldn’t resist calling his chimney entrance a ‘break in’! Even songs are centered around Santa leaving gifts under the tree!

So, out of curiosity, my question is this: do your children believe Santa had something to do with their Christmas gifts? Did he get the credit for your ‘hard work’? By ‘hard work’ I mean, the thought process, energy and finances spent sourcing the perfect onyinye (gifts). Or did you stake your rightful claim as the gifter*?

I have encountered strong opinions on this and am fascinated at how serious people take it. For our home, it seems the kids will determine if Santa eventually plays a role in our Christmas traditions since this is one of those topics neither the hubby nor I feel strongly about. So far, none of my two oldest have shown much interest in Santa. Granted they were excited to go visit him, at the mall. Though my 4+ year old son originally assumed we were airport bound to catch a flight to the Northpole after I announced we were going to see Santa.

Our 2017 Santa visit was our worst experience ever… In summary we didn’t get great pictures after waiting in line for like ever. Santa himself was a little grumpy. He must have had a very long day or something. I digress.

My kids didn’t ask Santa for anything. Actually, do kids still do that? Ask Santa for a specific gift that is. I guess my children didn’t ask cause they either don’t fully understand the process OR they just don’t get that the requested gift is supposed to show up under our Christmas tree. My vote is on the latter cause my freshly turned three year old daughter asked for cereal in response to my enquiry on what she wants for Christmas. Her brother requested lollipop! A step up from everyday food 😊 I guess. Neither of them mentioned Santa on Christmas eve OR while they ripped open their gifts on Christmas day. Let’s see how 2018 holiday season goes…

Oh well, it’s a New Year and I do not intend to drag you back to last year… however, please do answer me 😁. Do you tell your kids their gifts are from Santa or do they know it’s from you? Do you care if Santa takes the credit?


Chimmie Gbugu is the author of two children’s color boardbooks in the Igbo language (Ndu Anyi: Okigbo na Adanze and ABChD Igbo ) and informal teacher on the ‘Akwukwo LLC’ Igbo teaching YouTube Channel. She mothers’ her two active kids plus her newborn baby diligently non-stop; Engineers during the day; Travels far and wide; Bakes & cooks concoctions or rather innovatively; Teaches Sunday school; and is just dabbling into blogging.

2 thoughts on “Santa or You?

  1. Hahaha… I think the Santa gifting ish is overrated. When I give gifts, children know it’s from me not an invisible Santa, especially us in Nigeria. Father Christmas (Santa) is not in our culture. Lol.

    1. Haha at overrated. I do agree with you on it not being in our culture… that is, the whole ‘sneaking in to one’s house and leaving gifts for the good children’. My experiences with Father Christmas in Nigeria, a while back, was dancing competitions, snacks and some toys. Although I hear Santa is becoming big in Nigeria these days o.

      Thanks for your input 🙂

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