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Kedu (hello)!

We’re excited to provide a flexible, affordable and effective Igbo learning experience to CHILDREN EVERYWHERE… Thanks to our Virtual Igbo Learning Program which is the FIRST ever of it’s kind.

Our Virtual Igbo Learning (VIL) program is for kids ages 2 or 3 to late teenagers… basically, if they watch TV and are allowed screen time, Igbo learning within our innovative portal is ideal for them! They would  learn Igbo at their own pace, time, frequency, and convenience from ANYWHERE in the world!

Our Igbo School consists of three main levels:

  • Mbido (Beginner)
  • Onye Matu (Intermediate)
  • Ama-ala (Advanced)

All 3 levels have Lessons and Activities modules. The ‘Lessons’ modules teach Igbo in an engaging way, using animated videos. ‘Lessons’ topics include self-introduction, the family, body parts, daily activities, colors, the home, places, conversations, tenses, and much more.

Each Lesson module has corresponding Sụọ (speak), Gụọ (read) and Dee (write) Activities that help our learning friends practice, and this ultimately ensures retention. Our Dee Activities requires our pals to have physical writing materials handy… therefore, we suggest you dedicate an ‘igborizing’ notebook for that purpose 🙂




In addition to the aforementioned 3 levels, we feature an Igborizing Hub to further enhance Igbo learning experience for our enrolled umuaka (kids). Our Igborizing Hub consists of:

      • Igbo Alphabets and Numbers
      • Igborizing Homework
      • Homework Answers
      • Igbo Flashcards
      • Igborized Christian topics
      • Igborized Seasonal topics including Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Biafra, Christmas, New Year, etc.
      • Kid-to-Kid Chats: a unique opportunity for enrolled kids to video chat with others on a frequent basis for about 5 minutes
      • Kid-to-Kid Chat prompts to help facilitate the first 10 to 12 video chats
      • Kid written blogs and vlogs interest and submissions
      • Access to our LIVE virtual classes and sessions
      • Interactive printable worksheets
      • Igbo songs and games
      • PLUS more…

Although our program is flexible and self-led, we have found that structure helps our learning friends EFFECTIVELY get STARTED and CONTINUE to improve on their igborizing journey. Hence, we carefully map out daily Igbo learning content that are easily accessed, one click, directly from our portal calendar. Each day’s learning takes about 5 minutes and can be conveniently done from anywhere, at any time.

We also curated a 30-Day Starter Igborizing Plan that helps beginners learn the basics of self introduction as well as asking introductory questions. This calendar would be ideal for any child that’s learning the Igbo language for the very first time.

Practice of course helps with retention. So, to help our learning friends practice what they learned each month, we:

  1. Hold monthly live Nkata (chat) sessions to interact with enrolled kids from all continents
  2. Provide engaging printable worksheets that address each month’s learnings
  3. Provide seasonal animated Igbo learning content and/or printable worksheets for holidays and celebrations to keep Igborizing integral to our learning friends daily lives

Easy peasy and doable, right?

Get your Igbo and half-Igbo kids to EFFECTIVELY learn Igbo within our relatable Virtual Igbo Learning program NOW by enrolling  HERE NOW😊.

> Click HERE for a 'demo' on accessing daily Igborizing content from our program calendar.

> CLICK HERE for a Lesson & it's Speak/Read/Write Activities Demo.

> CLICK HERE for an Igborizing Hub + Dee Section 'demo'

Watch your kids happily speak, read and write in Igbo… once enrolled in our Virtual Igbo Learning program!

We pride ourselves on providing quality, original and relatable content for this generation of children. Our mission is a long-term experience that not only teaches the Igbo language but makes it fun for Igbo, half-Igbo and language loving children to apply Igbo knowledge to daily activities.


$10/Month | $96/Year [$24 discount] | $145/2-Years [$96 discount]

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