Virtual Igbo Learning Program


Kedu! We’re pleased to offer YOU our innovative Virtual Igbo Learning Program! It is a flexible, FUN, online, Igbo learning hub that is AVAILABLE to EVERY Igbo, half-Igbo and language loving child in the WORLD.

Our all encompassing program consists of animated Igbo modules for children… making it easy for adults to learn along as well.

Our ‘Lessons’ modules teaches various topics including self-introduction, the family, body parts, daily activities, colors, the home, and much more. Each ‘Lesson’ topic has respective corresponding ‘Speak’, ‘Read’, and ‘Write’ Activities modules that help our learning friends retain knowledge. Children are guaranteed to learn Igbo in this catchy, informal, repetitive format especially as it’s tailored for ALL speaking levels!

There are 3 main levels within the program to help ensure each child is challenged and has fun learning at their own pace, time, convenience and from the comfort of home.  They don’t just learn to understand Igbo, but will begin HAPPILY speaking, reading and writing, in Igbo, as well.

We also feature various FUNtastic learning activities within our program including socializing amongst kids (parental supervision required); Igbo worksheets; sessions with Igbo + other teachers; Igbo flash cards, blog posting opportunities for kids; Christian teaching exposure; etc.

Get your #Igbolings learning Igbo on our innovative #VILP program NOW by enrolling HERE NOW 😊.

Watch your kids happily speak, read and write in Igbo… once enrolled in our Virtual Igbo Learning program!

Our program is a long-term one that not only teaches the Igbo language but makes it fun for Igbo, half-Igbo and language loving children to apply Igbo to daily activities. We pride ourselves on providing quality, original and relatable content for this generation of children.

$10/Month | $96/Year [$24 discount] | $145/2-Years [$96 discount]