As Seen On…

We are blessed for gracious features on several platforms for our unique Igborizing resources. Here are some captured moments 👇🏾

BBC Igbo Interview

Ode akwụkwọ anyị, Chimmie Gbugu, na ndị BBC Igbo nwere ezigbo nzukọ. Mkpa-ari ha gara ọfuma ọfuma!

Our author, Chimmie Gbugu, had a fabulous time with the BBC Igbo team… The discussion was genuinely amazing!

The Guardian Woman Feature

Our founder, Chimmie Gbugu, had a few things to say about the ‘Importance of Teaching Kids their Native Tongue’… we’re honored that The Guardian Nigeria published her thoughts on paper and online. Biko gụọ ya ebe a (please read it here):

Excuse My African Podcast by Stella Damasus

We were honored to have our founder, Chimmie Gbugu, featured on the Excuse My African podcast as Stella Damasus’ first ever guest. Below are Stella’s words:

“According to UNESCO, the Igbo language would be extinct by 2025. It may seem like it’s many years away, but in reality, it’s only 6 years away. When I read this, I was so worried about my people and our language.

Which is why I decided to have this amazing woman, as the first guest on the show. Her name is Chimmie Gbugu and she is the founder of Akwukwo LLC. Akwukwo is dedicated to creating fun and exciting learning materials that teach the Igbo language to children.”
Listen to the Excuse my African, Episode ’59’ featuring Chimmie, here and join our Igborizing mission biko.

Today on STV

We had an amazing time discussing our Igbo children’s board books and ‘Learn Igbo for Kids’ app live on ‘Today on STV’.

It was aired on November 29th, at 9:00 AM WAT by the following channels:

  • DSTV – Channel 252
  • GoTV – Channel 92/192
  • ACTV Channel 202
  • Star TimeChannel 109
  • Play TV Channel 804

Please watch the full session here 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

See backstage clip 👇🏾

Thank you Silverbird TV!

Book Review on Rave TV

Our unique Igbo children’s board books made it to the ‘Book Review’ portion of Rave TV’s, Morning Rave show. It was aired on Wednesday, December 5th, streamed live on and on the following channels

  • GoTV 113
  • Startime 125
  • FreeTV 745
  • MyTV

You can catch a watch the Morning Rave discussion below

Thank you Rave TV!

Rhythms FM One-on-One

Our founder, Chimmie Gbugu, was featured on Rhythms FM 93.7 One-on-One. Here’s the clip below…


Uda Ogene Feature

Our Igborizing resources were featured on the Uda Ogene program which has aired on several National media outlets including:

  • Africa Magic Channel 159, Sept 10th at 6:00 PM
  • GoTV Channel 11, Sept 11th at 7:30 PM

It is occasionally rerun… so be on the look out biko (please)



Woman.NG Feature

We are so humbled that our founder, Chimmie Gbugu, is featured by Woman.NG.

Our mission to igborize the next generation of children caught their attention and we’re grateful for this amazing profile piece. Daalu nu (thank you)!

Please read more HERE