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Kedu nu, welcome to the IGBORIZING head quarters. We have innovated various tools and resources that WILL get your children excited to Learn the Igbo language. They won’t stop at just understanding, but would gladly speak, read and WRITE!

The Igbos are a resilient people from modern day Nigeria, in West Africa. We are industrious, assertive and very hardworking people. We’re known for so many things… One such global knowledge is of the ‘Igbo Landing’ in 1803… Captured Igbo slaves took over their slave ship around Georgia, USA. This is said to be the first ever uprising against slavery.

Akwukwo means book in the Igbo Language and is often used to describe knowledge… We, Akwukwo LLC, are committed to Igborizing the next generation by imparting, improving and sustaining your children’s knowledge of the Igbo language. We aim to keep our beloved language alive for future generations everywhere – in Diaspora and in Nigeria.

Our flexible Virtual Igbo Learning Program is a comprehensive program for kids ANYWHERE in the WORLD to learn Igbo at their own pace, time and from the comfort of home, the car or any other location you have them. It’s for EVERY level of Igbo speaker: beginner to advanced and teaches children to understand, speak, read and write in Igbo.

This is accomplished via our animated Lessons modules which consists of topics ranging from self introduction, to the family, to colors, to daily activities, to body parts, to much more. Each lesson has corresponding Speak, Read and Write Activities to ensure wholesome learning. Our Virtual Igbo Learning Program also features other Igborizing opportunities including Kid-to-Kid chats, blogging, engaging worksheets, Christian studies, schedules, etc.

Please enroll your beautiful Igbo, half-Igbo and/or language loving umuaka (children) in our FUN, relatable Virtual Igbo Learning Program NOW 🙂

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Our main inspiration are our founders kids: Kehz, Azah and Zola. They are actively learning to speak, read, and write Igbo alongside the English language. It wasn’t easy to find captivating Igbo learning material hence, we initially had to improvise a lot and then develop a pseudo curriculum to augment our informal daily influence. Observing their preferences alongside other children has led us engineer engaging Igborizing resources starting with our colorful, PREMIUM, sturdy Igbo children’s board books.

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Our Ndu Anyi Okigbo na Adanze board book is a unique story board book. The key characters tells the readers about their life while engaging them in conversation. Okigbo and Adanze ask pointed questions to readers to get them speaking Igbo as well.

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Our ABChD Igbo board book is a great learning resource that teaches the Igbo building blocks. Each 36 Igbo alphabet is accompanied by a fun illustration to help children retain learnings while learning new Igborized words. Both boardbooks are the perfect gift(s) for every Igbo, half-Igbo, and language loving children in the WORLD. Give the gift of CULTURE with them for upcoming birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, graduations, dedications, etc. Would definitely be appreciated over yet more toys…

We have also released a fun Igborizing app for iOS and Android devices. Our ‘Learn Igbo for Kids’ app is perfect for building/improving analytical, coordination, problem solving, retentive, and cognitive skills while learning the Igbo language. Our app consists of 4 audio interactive modules: Mkpuru okwu (alphabets); Onu Ogugu (Numbers); Anumanu (Animals); Nri (Food).  Each module consists of an Mmuta (Lessons) section and an Omume (Activities) section.

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The Mmuta (Lessons) section teaches kids using colorful illustrations on patterned backgrounds while the Omume (Activities) section quizzes on lessons learned using various thought-provoking formats including puzzles, drag-drop, fill-in the blank, etc. on scenic backgrounds. The audio, visual and interpreted version of our board books are also available on this app. Biko (please) get our FUNtastic app NOW from your app store by clicking on the applicable picture above or by searching for ‘Learn Igbo for Kids’. There are FREE modules that reflect the caliber of Igborizing content in the app.

         Audio e-Book Versions on the APP!

Please unlock the paid modules for WAY more LEARNING fun! We’re talking about 1000+ lessons and activities. Worth it!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch our  Ala KAZ Igbo Cartoons as well as other Igbo learning videos. Your umuaka (children), and maybe you, will definitely learn something from each episode.

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We look forward to Igborizing the children in your life with our globally accessible resources… Our Board books are perfect gifts for your nieces, nephews, grand-kids, God-kids, Friends-kids, etc. They can be purchased online or via our stockists in select global cities.

Our Virtual Igbo Learning Program is the PERFECT gift of culture for long-term Igborizing. Please use them henceforth as your signature birthday, graduation, Christmas, and just because gifts… The best part is no physical purchase or exchange required to gift this PRICELESS present.

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Thank you once again for your anticipated support in our mission to teach all children the Igbo language in a fun way! We are confident you will IGBORIZE with us NOW!