Welcome to Akwukwo

Kedu nu, welcome to the IGBORIZING head quarters!

Akwukwo means book in the Igbo Language and is often used to describe knowledge… We, at Akwukwo, are committed to teaching the next generation Igbo in a relatable, flexible and accessible way. We are keeping our beloved language alive for future generations everywhere – in Diaspora and in Nigeria with our fun, innovative resources.

 Our main inspiration are our founders kids: Kehz, Azah and Zola. They are actively learning to speak, read, and write Igbo alongside the English language. At the start, it wasn’t easy to find captivating Igbo learning material… this made our founder improvise heavily and ultimately engineer engaging EFFECTIVE Igborizing resources for all OUR children (yours and hers)!

We look forward to teaching the children in your life Igbo with our globally available Virtual Igbo Learning Program; Learn Igbo for Kids app; Ndu Anyi Okigbo na Adanze Board Book; ABChD Igbo Board Book; + our Ala KAZ Igbo Cartoons and Videos.






Thank you once again for your anticipated support in our mission to teach all children the Igbo language in a fun way! We are confident you will IGBORIZE all Igbo and half-Igbo kids in your life with ustoday!



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