Welcome to Akwukwo

Kedu nu, welcome to your kids IGBORIZING head quarters!

Akwukwo means book in the Igbo Language and is often used to describe knowledge… We, at Akwukwo, are committed to teaching the next generation Igbo in a relatable, flexible and accessible way. We are keeping our beloved language alive for future generations everywhere – in Diaspora and in Nigeria –  with fun, accessible, relatable and innovative resources.

  Akwukwo LLC was created by our founder when she could not find captivating Igbo learning resources for her US-based children Kehz, Azah and Zola. She had to improvise heavily to maintain her kids igborizing interest while frantically searching for relatable Igbo learning material worldwide. After futile global searches, she discovered a gap: the absence of quality robust Igbo learning content for the next generation of children…  This led her to apply her engineering degree, project management skills and education knowledge to innovate engaging EFFECTIVE Igborizing resources for all OUR children.

We are committed to getting all Igbo and Half-Igbo children, in the world, to fluently speak, read, and write in Igbo!

Our flexible, effective Igbo School provides ALL kids the ability to learn, speak, read, and write Igbo at their own pace, time, frequency, and convenience from ANYWHERE in the world. We utilize animated learning modules, relatable content and bitesize daily work to engage them within our Virtual Igbo Learning portal. They’re provided daily ~5 minute learning content, with one-click, amongst so many other igborizing FUN.


Thank you once again for your anticipated support in our mission to teach all children the Igbo language in a fun way! We urge you to IGBORIZE all Igbo and half-Igbo kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, God-kids, friends kids, etc. in your life with us today!

Questions? Please send us a WhatsApp message HERE or send an email to contact@biawazo.com.


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