VIL Naija Enrollment

Kedu (hello)!

If you’re based in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa, biko ( please) click on the below buttons to enroll your kid(s) in our Innovative Virtual Igbo Learning Program.

They would learn to speak, read and write in Igbo at their own pace, time, frequency and convenience from anywhere in the world. They would learn topics like self-introduction, the home, daily activities, colors, places, past tenses, the family, future tenses and much more!


  • ₦3,500/month
  • ₦35,000/year
  • ₦55,000/2-years

Just 5 minutes a day within our program portal makes a lot of difference! Hence, we do provide daily learning prompts (via a monthly schedule) for enrolled kids… However, we encourage kids to further explore, beyond the 5 minutes, within our program portal 🙂

Click HERE for a more DETAILED description of our Virtual Igbo School

Biko (please) don’t forget our fun Virtual Igbo Learning (VIL) Program, is the ultimate GIFT of CULTURE for Birthdays, Graduations, Christmas, ‘Just Because’, and other celebrations. If you would like to enroll kids for a certain duration (month or year) please utilize this Gift option. 

We look forward to igborizing the children in your life with our innovative program! Questions, please send a WhatsApp message HERE or an email to