Igbo Summer Camp

Kedu (hello)!

Though learning Igbo should be an ALL-Year affair, SUMMER is definitely an awesome time for focused Igbo learning… so, we would LOVE to igborize your precious children, AGES 3+, this Summer a.k.a Long Holidays.

We have curated a FUN igborizing agenda to get your umuaka (kids) speaking, reading and writing in Igbo regardless of their current speaking level. Our Igbo summer program consists of 4 Blocks:

  • Eke 
  • Orie 
  • Afo 
  • Nkwo

Each block focuses on key topics which are fully independent of one another. This means, your kiddos can join our effective virtual camp at any time and still learn Igbo in at their own pace, time, frequency, and convenience… from ANYWHERE in the world! Our Summer Camp topics include:

  • Self introduction
  • Daily activities
  • Introductory questions
  • The family
  • Colors
  • Igbo Flashcards
  • Homework
  • Homework Answers
  • Kid to Kid Chat pairings
  • Printable worksheets
  • Daily schedule
  • And more!

For WORLDWIDE Summer Camp enrollment, select the option that reflects your family below and ENROLL.

For Nigeria and Africa based enrollment, please select the option that reflects your family below to ENROLL.


Once enrolled,

  • Kids will have access to animated Igbo learning modules that actively teach them Igbo
  • Our curated daily learning outline would help achieve fluency by the end of the Summer
    • 5 to 10 minutes required daily
    • Frequent practice goes a LONG way
  • They will receive FUN printable Igbo worksheets to keep learning exciting
  • Kids will have access to WAY MORE Igbo learning beyond what’s listed for the summer camp at their disposal
  • They will have the opportunity to directly chat, one-on-one with other enrolled kids weekly or biweekly to practice what they learned
  • Join our monthly live Nkata (chat) sessions to discuss learnings

Summer camp Cost:

  • One Time, Global, Cost for 3 months:
    • $180 for 1 child
    • $300 for 2 children
    • $400 for 3+ children
  • One Time Cost for 3 months (Nigeria):
    • ₦70K for 1 child
    • ₦110K for 2 children
    • ₦165Kfor 3 children 

Other ENROLLMENT and/or GIFTING Options:

  • Paypal
    • Go to www.paypal.me/akwukwo
    • Include NOTE with kids name(s) and your email address
    • You will receive a code, via email you provided, for access to our program
  • Bank Transfer from Nigeria
    • Make bank transfer to Name: BiaWaZo Limited | Bank: Fidelity Bank | Account Number: 5600 38 6221
    • Include a note in your transfer with: Your eMAIL address | Recipient’s name and age(s)… if it’s a gift
    • Share pdf or screenshot of your completed bank transfer receipt with us
      • Via email: contact.akwukwo@gmail.com OR via WhatsApp: +1 281-785-4404
      • The shared pdf/screenshot should have your email address and any other notes on it

We are excited to teach your kids Igbo and hope you are too. Let’s ground those kiddos in the core of their heritage: LANGUAGE!

PS: We are providing FREE Igbo Summer Camp access with enrollment to our Virtual Igbo Learning program.  CLICK HERE to enroll, in our Virtual Igbo Learning Program… for more details on our innovative program, Click HERE.

Igbo Amakazi!