‘Learn Igbo for Kids’ App

Our ‘Learn Igbo for Kids’ app is available on iOS and Android. It teaches children the foundation of our Igbo language while building Analytical skills; Cognitive skills; Retentive skills; Problem Solving; and Coordination skills. There are 4 audio interactive modules within our interactive app:

  • Mkpuru okwu (alphabets)
  • Onu Ogugu (Numbers)
  • Anumanu (Animals)
  • Nri (Food)

Each module consists of an Mmuta (Lessons) section and an Omume (Activities) section. The Mmuta (Lessons) section teaches the user using colorful illustrations on patterned backgrounds while the Omume (Activities) section quizzes on lessons learned from the Mmuta section using various thought-provoking activities such as puzzles, drag-drop, fill-in the blank, etc. on scenic backgrounds.

Our app is FREE with limited sample content that indicate the high quality of educative content within… to fully enjoy the app and engage your children is fully learning the Igbo building blocks, please UNLOCK the paid modules for WAY more LEARNING FUN, 1000+ to be exact. Children are thoroughly enjoying our INNOVATIVE, vibrant and fun app worldwide.

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The audio, visual and interpreted version of our board books are also available here in our ‘Learn Igbo for Kids’ app.


Look out for this LOGO in YOUR App STORE 🙂
Sample FOOD Lesson
Sample FOOD Activity
Sample ALPHABET Lesson
Sample ALPHABET Activity
Sample ANIMALS Lesson
Sample ANIMALS Activity
Sample NUMBERS Lesson
Sample NUMBERS Activity